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Javelinas on Holland is located in Alpine, Texas, a small town in the high desert of West Texas. Just 25 miles away, Fort Davis (the highest town in Texas at 5050 feet) is the home our original store, Javelinas and Hollyhocks, established in the 1990s to become a tradition must-shop for generations of locals and visitors.

Javelinas on Holland opened in December, 2023 as a larger location to not only serve our in-store customers but as a hub for our online business to provide fast shipping, increased in-stock inventory, and enhanced customer service.

Our team

Daynna T. is our Store Manager for our Alpine store and our Literary Buyer, but her most important role may be keeping Jennifer organized and on task!

Maggie C. is our Merchandising Specialist and, while she helps run the storefront as well, her focus is on keeping our in-store displays fresh and inviting.


As a special projects staff member, Emily attends markets, sources product online, helps with store resets and works with Jennifer on the website. Her youthful point of view is essential in keeping our selection fresh.

Alex V.

As our social media specialist, Alex makes sure that our followers stay up to date with all of exciting things going on in store and online.

MimI the poodle

As pet product tester, store greeter and part time security guard, Mimi is integral to the success of our brick and mortar stores. She loves seeing all of our customers and our customers feel the same. She is small-town famous and living her best life.

Brenda W.

As long-time Manager of our Fort Davis store, Javelinas and Hollyhocks, Brenda is essential to our extraordinary record or customer service excellence and the success of our market trips.

Our store

202 W. Holland Ave. Alpine, TX 79830

Opened as Javelinas on Holland on December 9, 2023, this building began life as a Gulf station and Westinghouse Applicance store in the 1950s.